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    Yatai Electrochemistry

        In order to " disciple gauge " as the basis of corporate culture, the filial piety, benevolence as the core of moral, cultivate employees: sincere work, is the heart.


        To cater to the needs of the Millennium culture essence, the fine tradition of succession predecessors. In the continuous development of Yatai person accumulates in his cultural philosophy, practice " disciple gauge ", inspired and staff on the job of love and passion for work. Focus on people-oriented culture innovation is to cultivate and train employees, let Yatai spirit in each employee's behavior of.


        Business development relies on a talent, excellent products are excellent staff out of production, modern enterprises need more traditional culture to moisten. " Filial " is the person yatay behavior standard, adhering to the " sincere work, is heart " purposes, will traditional culture into the management of the business, in order to build a highly cohesive and loyalty of the team, for the development of enterprises to provide everfount power.


        " Greater than the tangible intangible, brand and achievements of the future ", to enhance the overall strength from every detail of the successful twenty-first Century, Yatai, the pursuit of every detail of the reach the acme of perfection, 20 come for years "subtle effect " has been integrated into our hearts, and dreams of glory, faith and mission will inspire us to constantly pragmatic innovation, breakthrough ego, the pursuit of new brilliant!

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    Add: Wangjiajing Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Hebei, China
    Domestic Trade: +86-318-3465318/3401888
    E-mail:hsszyt@188.com, hbsytnm@188.com, yataisales@188.com



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